The Sensual Woman

This subject is difficult to write about because it's essence is largely a non-verbal language. I have always been captivated by the beauty, the sensitivity and the aliveness of the Divine Feminine... But what does it really mean? And how does it apply to our lives as modern women?

Firstly I'd like to look at what it is to be sensual. This word is often confused with sexual, and although it encompasses sex, it is also so much more. Sensuality speaks directly to the 5 senses and being fully engaged in them.. From the smell of a baby's skin, to how silk feels on your body, to the rush of cold water when jumping into a the spray of the ocean.. It means to prepare food with Love in your heart so others may feel nourished by your generosity. It means to take care of your body by listening to it, soothing it when it is afraid, honouring it when it unfolds so exquisitely for your lover..

To be sensual means to fully participate in life and all its sensory aspects, but not allow yourself to become a slave to them. It means bringing your attention to the passions that flow through your veins, instead of giving into fear or rigidity. To surrender to mess and imperfection, ours and other's, and Love them fiercely; not because you have to. But because the sensual woman knows this is the path to Grace. To allow your soul spark to burn through you proudly and uninhibited in whatever divine expression it seeks.

For the greatest truth is when you yourself embody your own sensuality, those around you are able to glimpse heaven through you. For many of us the sensual woman is hidden under layers of personal and collective self-denial, trauma and fear. But by further exploring your connection to your own divine feminine you open up an entire universe of wisdom, compassion, power and strength. By embodying more of who you truly are, life's edges soften and yield to your intentions, and your life begins to unfold from the deep inner bliss that resides within you.

By succumbing to the reservoir of knowing that lies within your womb, you are truly free. This is the secret of the sensual woman.

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