Pleasure as a Gateway

Latent soul gifts are as glistening jewels beneath a stormy ocean. Hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.. What lies within you that you don't allow a voice, a life? What areas of your life have you let your creativity and passion fall to the wayside? Do you remember how it felt to be immersed in something that isn't productive, but instead just pleasurable?

Pleasure is a doorway to our Soul language - an indicator, a signpost that this is what I bring that no one else in the world can. And this is what connects me to my life force energy. Pleasure is essential to a balanced, dynamic life because it is from our energy patterns that we manifest and maintain physical, mental + emotional health, relationships, healing and growth.

Pleasure doesn't just incorporate sexuality. Once all five senses are engaged this opens a doorway to our deeper consciousness and our subtle energy body. If we dare to cross the threshold we will begin to experience ourselves in a more profound way, through a deeper connection to our true Self - the Self behind the ego. The Self behind the pain and suffering. The Self underneath the chatter and the daily grind. For its this eternal Self that leads us Home.

The entire universe waits for your return to your forgotten parts, and the wonderous worlds you will uncover there once more..

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