Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I know at this time of year it's easy to get caught up in the pressures and expectations of others and from ourselves. And it's at this time so many of us 'lose' ourselves in it all..

The events outside of me seem to become larger than the presence within me and when I fall into this kind of thinking I fall out of balance. If your mind is running overtime, or you're feeling more stressed or tired than usual this can be a sign that you've given your focus over to the external distractions, and forgotten how much power you do have to affect the flow of your life.

A short 5 minute meditation or grounding practice is one of the best ways to regain perspective and realign with the truth of who you are. Remember you are the creator of your own experience and can say at any time to yourself "stop, slow down, I'm overwhelmed" - this simple acknowledgment creates a space inside yourself where your consciousness can rest.

It transforms the overwhelm from insurmountable to manageable, in your feelings and in your psyche. By gently bringing awareness to your Self in the present moment, you can change your patterns of stress into a position of authentic power and calm, instead of feeling as though life is one long, uphill battle.

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