So many of us have buried our ability to hear our innate knowing. This is soul substance, from where we originate, and is our enteral source of power, imagination, vitality and manifestation if we allow it a voice.

In the western world we are not generally encouraged to listen to our bodies, or feelings or our intuition. As a woman my ‘wild knowing’ is often shamed, and within men it is usually ridiculed.

But what are we all afraid of?

Perhaps making the space to tune into the depth of your being means having to slow down, to take responsibility of your inner climate and to become mature enough to recognise that: I create the circumstances of my life. Once this realisation surfaces it can often be a painful experience for many as they recognise how far they have strayed from the dream they once held for their lives.

But the dream has not died, only our connection to it. This is in fact an awakening of the most exquisite kind: a return to your longings. The thymus chakra sits above the heart and below the throat chakras; and is often referred to as the “High Heart”. It is here, the seat of the Soul, that our greatest longings are held and transmit their radiance.

If this chakra is blocked or shrouded it can manifest as having no passion for life, no feeling about our purpose and little or no connection to our vocation and relationships. Working directly with this chakra through Jungian dream exploration, archetypal imagery and counselling can greatly assist in uncovering our connection with our Soul seat. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to realise your soul’s true potentials and once more take up your rightful position on the throne of your heart.

If you are interested in exploring this subject for yourself, please contact me for a session 💗

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