Authentic Power

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I been thinking lately about giving your power away in relationship and what that looks like..

Whenever I feel stuck or blocked, when I don't feel the fullness of my love flowing toward my partner, I try to look at what is blocking me, instead of blaming him. If I am out of alignment, how can I relate to anyone else out of my sacredness? We all carry infinite beauty, joy and richness within our soul fabric, but this is often blocked by our wounds and defence mechanisms.

We must be willing to take responsibility for our internal worlds and reactions. When I blame my partner for how I feel, although this may be justified, it doesn't help me. Instead it gives him power over my emotionality, my sense of self and my role in the relationship. Only by taking responsibility for my reactions, my pain, my heart, do I begin to mature. It is only through aligning with my entire womanhood that I am able to hold my self in conscious co-creation.

The moment you take up your authentic power in relationship there is immediately more of your own energy available to you, as well as a deeper connection to the Soul qualities that you carry within you. The flow of Love is released once more and your relationships blossom under this new outpouring. There is a renewed sense of joy, of fulfillment and of connection with others.

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