Why Would I Book a Counselling Session?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We all lead busy, stressful and particularly this year, increasingly chaotic lives.

To find yourself lost or disconnected from your work, your passions, your relationships or you sense of Self are common issues we all face at different times in our lives.

We are encouraged by society to push through, "hustle hard" and ignore what is really happening inside, in favour of pursuing success no matter what or at the expense of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

But what happens to our inner world when we ignore it?

What happens to how we feel about ourselves, when what everyone else thinks is more important? Asking yourself simple questions like "How do I really feel about this?" and giving yourself the space to hear the answer within you is a great tool. It helps to focus your attention and clear any mental confusion and chatter, bringing yourself back to your own centre once more.

Focusing internally helps to slow down the overwhelm you may be feeling by bringing your attention to the present moment. This in turn engages the sympathetic nervous system, helping to slow your heartrate and breathing, allowing you to relax more fully into your true energetic rhythm, not one imposed from external circumstances.

Giving yourself time and space to go deeper into your inner world is not something that is widely taught or encouraged in our society at present. Although Mindfulness and meditation has helped the Western world embrace this idea more and more.

Counselling provides the safe space that many of us don't know how to give ourselves. The relationship between counsellor and client is sacred and unique because it is unconditional listening, support and reflection; realigning you with your purpose and sense of self. As a therapist it is any greatest joy and honour to support and witness the unfolding of each person as they begin the journey into themselves.

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