My greatest passion is helping you remember Who you Truly Are,

at the Soul Level.


We are physical manifestations of our unique Spiritual DNA, and it is here that our gifts and talents lie. If we are aligned with our Soul essence we live with courage and boldness, expressing who we are and effortlessly creating abundance in our relationships, our careers, our health and all other areas of life. 

It is also only out of this dimension that we heal the wounds + blocks we have carried all our lives and start to manifest our dreams. 

I offer Holistic Counselling, Energy Healing, Star Seed Alignment + Akashic Record readings to help you remember your authentic power and unique Soul Language. 

Please have a look through this space for more information about me and how we could work together. 

I hope you find something that brings you peace + power 

No upcoming events at the moment

0405 531 211

Brisbane QLD, Australia